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About Our Company

In Milwaukee 

Well, it all started ...

Karey Authement has had a successful career in Information Technology over the past 15 years. His company Computer Wizards, LLC does a great job of keeping many businesses in the Greater Baton Rouge area running with technology.

Bobby Watson is an electrician of several years and has worked with another electrical contractor locally. Bobby also has hands-on experience in many construction-related areas.

When Computer Wizards needed network cabling, Bobby Watson was the man for the job. Along the way, several customers saw an opportunity to get a light fixture changed or an outlet replaced....even a new ceiling fan changed. Little jobs turned to larger jobs, and pretty soon Bobby had his hands full.

As time went on these two future partners recognized the same drive, determination and dedication to customer service in one another. On a chance phone call, almost in passing...it was determined that Baton Rouge was about to get a new quality Electrical Contractor.

KWATT Electric.....home of the Electrical Wizards!

What's In a Name?

With all the companies out there, we wanted to stand out a bit. Something beyond a basic last name or combination of letters. All look pretty much the same. Many names were thrown into the pot as potentials. We got creative, we got silly. Several names were suggested for comic value alone. Of that group, "Two Live Wires" is my favorite....a good combination of Bobby's Energizer-Bunny-like drive and determination and Karey's legendary fondness for good Espresso. Practicality won out, however, and "K" for Karey and "Wat" for Bobby Watson took the stage. Add a "T" and KWATT Electric, pronounced "kay-watt" is our name.

If you are looking for a Baton Rouge Electrician, HVAC Tech, or Generator Tech.  please call 225- 247-1016